Provision of Management Services for Training Roll-out Plan of 2019




Liaison Corporation provided their services for the post production of the project namely “District Consultation Sessions on 10 years Development Plan for Newly Merged Areas (NMAs) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Our post production setup is committed towards provision of excellent coverage promising to make well edited videos. A total of 25 sessions were held in which LC offered editing and high quality digital treatment. The holding of the meaningful engagement offered an insight on the issues and challenges faced by tribal people in newly merged districts.



Provision of accommodation at a secure, conducive and convenient facility (preferably three-star facility) on dual occupancy basis including breakfast and dinners during training days.

Provision of catering services for food including two-time tea and lunch during the training days at the venues. The participants may also include day delegates, trainers, guest speakers, visitors who will not avail the accommodation including breakfast and dinners shall be charged separately.

Provision of vehicle (s) to transport the participants to and from the training venue during the training days. At least one vehicle shall always be available for any emergency travel at the training venue and after working hours at the accommodation facility with necessary first aid kits.

Arrange photography services to cover the training events including videography. Hard copies of the group photos will be required for each participant prior to the closing ceremony of each training event. The event management company is also required to make a short video depicting the series of events during each training event.

Provision of hall and ensuring seating-setup to accommodate 30-40 participants, multimedia with screen, sound system, air conditioning, standby power supply, basic stationary, printing, photocopying services, provision of props for mock trails and exercises etc.



The location of the 06 training were district Peshawar, Swat & Nowshera.

  1. Police School of IT, Peshawar Police Line
  2. Police School of Investigation Peshawar Hayatabad
  3. Police Training School Swat
  4. Police School of Explosives Nowshera