Azam Javed

Azam is strategically & operationally experienced finance manager. He is well versed in all areas of financial management & budgeting. He is an ACCA affiliate with over 3 years of professional experience working with multiple organizations.


Nauman Aman Khan

A creative, persistent, agile and driven business development manager who is more than able to nurture relationships with existing clients and to develop new business opportunities. Numan Aman Khan is an expert at putting together penetrative marketing strategies that can help businesses to fulfil their potential. On an individual level he is someone who is […]


Yar Muhammad Khan Niazi

  __________________________________________________________________________                               Phone: +91 5701478                               Email: niazi@gmail.com                               Website:lc.com.pk

Shafat Ullah

Managment 90%Wordpress 75%Photography 85% Phone: +91 5701478 Email: shafat@lc.com.pk Website:lc.com.pk


___________________________________________________________________    Phone: +91 5701478    Email: rajwali@lc.com.pk   Website:lc.com.pk


Muhammad Iqbal

  Ability to think creatively and & innovatively 90%Communication Skills 75%Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges 85%   ________________________________________________________________________________                                                Phone: +91 5701478                 [...]