Social Media Conference 2015



First-ever Social Media Conference in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was organized to highlight the importance of social media and its role for the overall national development of the country. The conference aimed to bring together key stakeholders from academia, government, civil society, and the media to have an open discussion and constructive exchange on the political and societal dimensions of the growing social media sphere. An opening and closing session was set up, both featuring keynote addresses from prominent speakers and panel discussions with distinguished experts and practitioners, which form the overall frame for the event. In addition to that, parallel break-away sessions provided opportunities for exploring different sub-topics with relevant stakeholders.


The conference was held in Kohat on December 13, 2015


More than 300 participants were part of this conference


  1. Develop social media
  2. Strengthen engagement strategies to increase loyalties of the
  3. To bring the social media professionals under one roof for sharing their experiences and knowledge.
  4. To debate the use of various social media tools in different


  1. Highlighted the importance of social media & its role for the overall national development of the country
  2. Awareness on social media tools in a different context
  3. Provided greater insight on how to leverage social media effectively
  4. Created awareness about the power of social media & the online social networks


In order to reach a bigger audience beyond the conference halls, the event was streamed live. In addition, Facebook live segments were featured with short interviews from organizers, speakers, and participants as well as behind-the-scenes impressions from the event. Under the hashtag, #kpsmconference participants and the interested public contributed to the discussions.