At Liaison Corporation, delivering program & project relevant services, staying within the scope of expertise, focus on optimal task achievement are non-negotiable. In project management services, we apply localized expertise and project management gold standards to not just meet, but exceed, deliverable objectives. Our team excels at orchestrating innovative approaches in:

Project planning, Designing & Implementation & Implementation Project Feasibility, Researches, Surveys and Data Collection Capacity Building

Awareness Campaigns

Training Need Assessments (TNAs)

Social Mobilization, Advocacy and Lobbying

Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E)/Third Party Assessments (TPAs) Training and Development (T&D)

Event Management ( Corporate, Social, Academic, Sports & Entertainment events) Marketing/ Promotional Plans & Public Relations Development

Marketing Surveys, Strategies Development & Campaigns Advertising and Branding

Media Campaigns & Media Management (Electronic, Print, Radio & Social/Digital Media) Production Services (Documentaries, Ad Making, Video Making & Photography services) Content Development



We articulate and provide strategic solutions and advice to our clients in Govt, non-profit and cooperate sector that necessarily operate at the intersection of legislative, of political, regulatory and commercial considerations. Liaison helps in making complex decisions to improve policy formulating, planning & budgeting practices. Our focus is more on sustainable solutions, climate change, youth development, women empowerment & poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship & skill development to achieve SDGs. We ensure progress in these areas for ensuring sustainability:

Strengthening policy formulation, strategic planning for organizations, departments & various government and development sector projects

Make recommendations for preparing various types of policy planning documents for government organizations and non-government organizations

Comparative analysis of proposed policy alternatives



Dramatic shifts in government and corporate workforce call for new ways of managing human capital. Liaison Corporation has extensive experience in delivering human capital strategies for the changing work forces of public and private sectors organizations in the region. Equipped with industry leading practices and comprehensive talent management approaches, our team stands ready to accelerate your human capital programs towards becoming more aligned, agile and impact-full in;

Strategic HRM

Human Resource Planning (HRP) Staffing

Training Need Assessments (TNAs) Human Resource Development (HRD)

Training & Development (Capacity Building)



Event Management is one of the most specialized and core competencies of Liaison Corporation. LC has a young energetic team that differentiates it from others and has a track record of arranging diverse nature events in major areas of Pakistan including Punjab, KP, Newly Merged Districts (NMD’s), Sindh, Gilgit-Baltistan & Azad Jammu Kashmir & islamabad. It specializes in diverse areas including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Events
  • Social Events
  • Academic Events
  • Sports & Extracurricular Events
  • Entertainment Events

We plan and strategize tailored marketing solutions and opportunistic public relations development to connect you to your target audience and influence them. Liaison Corporation keenly addresses your needs by identifying for you, your well-sought intermediaries that maybe the industry, stock analysts, investors, trendsetters, industry analysts, customers, beneficiaries, employees, donors as well as the electronic, print and social media. Our facility has all the available resource from designing to publishing, printing and promotion through electronic, print and social media platforms. We develop distinctive brand identity and build brand equity through creating and implementing a marketing plan. We will help you identify your target audiences, and help you analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business/ organizations. Our expertise includes:

  • Marketing Surveys, Strategies Development & Campaigns
  • Advertising & Branding
  • Media Campaigns and Media Management (Electronic, Print, Radio & Social/ Digital Media)
  • Production Services (Documentaries, Ad Making, Video Making & Photography Services)
  • Content Development