Revamping & Improving Uptake of Jawan Marakiz in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Project Brief

The aim of the project is to support the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Youth Affairs Directorate in revitalizing and operationalising 5 Jawan Marakaz (Peshawar, Mardan, Abbottabad, Bannu & Dera Ismail Khan) and to mobilize young people around it and conduct activities in the centers to improve uptake of the center & set up youth volunteers and youth committees to use the centers and to carry out activities in it so it can remain operational and active beyond project period.

1.      Project Objectives

  • To reinforce & strengthen the unique skills of the youth by forming a learning and competitive environment allowing them to cultivate their careers and professional skills
  • To set up a connection between the youth and relevant authorities/experts for capacity building, networking and collaborative approach towards achieving the goal of youth development aligned with sustainable development goals (SDGs)

2.      Project Components & Activities

Following are the components of the project:

S. No. Components Description Targets
I Consultation Carry out inclusive consultations with young people in Jawan Marakaz to assess their needs and interest to ensure effective implementation of programs through the Jawan Marakaz 2 consultation sessions in each district with total 50 (males & Female) young people
Ii Mobilize Volunteers Mobilize volunteers in Jawan Marakaz in each district for leading activities and being part of activities in the centre. At least 10 volunteers per centre

(5 male & 5 females)

Iii Enabling Environment Create an enabling environment in the youth centers for young people to utilize these centers. 5 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province
iv Mobilize and organize young people Mobilize and organize young people for optimal and continued use of the spaces provided by government. This should be done using both conventional and digital means. The outreach should be tailored with consideration to inclusion (gender, gender/ religious minorities, people living with HIV, youth with disabilities, young refugees etc.) 50 mobilization drives – 10 per centre
v Facilitation of Activities Facilitate activities in the youth centers in 5 districts ok Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for encouraging young people to take part in activities in the centre. Including local government in these activities and deploying innovative methodologies for interacting with young people will be preferred. At least 1,000 young people should be beneficiaries per centre i.e. 5,000 total beneficiaries (preferably up to 40-50% females in total). However we have set the target to reach out over 1,300 youth per center through these activities, that is, a total of 6,500 plus youth.
vi Referrals Refer young people effectively to existing public services for knowledge, access and referrals for Education, Engagement and Employment related services/ information to relevant public and private authorities/ organizations. At least 100 referrals made per centre – 500 in total (with a significant percentage of females preferably up to 40-50%)
Vii Youth Committee Set up a youth led coordination mechanism for the centre for continued uptake, ownership and use of the centre by young people 1 committee per centre comprising of local youth – (with a significant percentage of females preferably up to 40-50%)
Viii Linking Youth Committee Link the Youth Committee for each centre to the Youth Affairs Department and the Local Government Department/ District Governments for continued and effective utilization of the community centers. Total of 5 committees linked
Ix Digital & Conventional Database Set up a Digital & Conventional database of all young people & activities

5,000 Young People in total (minimum) preferably up to 6,500.