At Liaison Corporation, delivering program & project relevant services, staying within the scope of expertise, focus on optimal task achievement are non-negotiable. In project management services, we apply localized expertise and project management gold standards to not just meet but exceed, deliverable objectives. Our team excels at orchestrating innovative approaches in:

  • Project planning, Designing & Implementation
  • Project Feasibility, Researches, Surveys and Data Collection
  • Capacity Building
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Training Need Assessments (TNAs)
  • Social Mobilization, Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)/ Third Party Assessments (TPAs)
  • Training and Development (T&D)
  • Event Management (with Focus on Social & Academic Events)
  • Designing & Implementing Marketing/ Promotional Plans/ Campaigns/ Strategies & Surveys (including but not limited to the tools of Advertising and Branding, Media
  • Campaigns & Media Management (Electronic, Print, Radio & Social/ Digital Media) and Production Services (Documentaries, Ad Making, Video Making & Photography Services)
  • Public Relations Development
  • Content Development