Mr Fawad is strategically and operationally experienced Logistics & Procurement Manager. He is well versed in developing supply chain and procurement process and implementing these across the organization. He is quality driven professional and demonstrated consistent achievements. His experience entails working extensively in the fields of logistics and procurement and finance where he has proved himself of great value in the areas of ensuring business continuity, sustainability and efficient execution of operational processes & procedures.


He holds Bachelors (Hons) & Masters Degrees both in Business Administration with specialization in Finance from Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar. He is a committed individual and prides himself in being direct, spontaneous and communicative. He is a strong motivator and an organizer and these skills have enabled him to effectively defuse problem situations with vendors & clients using delicacy, thus creating an excellent working foundation and environment.


He effectively manages the procurement and inventory control. He manages the execution of key projects documentation and development initiatives to provide support to the process. He also investigates ways to improve supply networks and maintains good relationships with vendors and clientele to ensure that the flow of equipment and supplies remain unhampered. He examines the processes at hand and takes steps for improvement and cost reduction with monitoring stock & supply levels and tracking the movement of goods. He has a sound knowledge of software, processes and technology management. He handles pressure well and if pressurized he can deliver within a given time frame. He handles his work with joy and enthusiasm.



     Phone: +91 5701478