Eid-e-Qayamatul Mashi

The Department of Auqaf, Hajj, Religious and Minority Affairs Khyber Pakhtunkhwa held a simple gathering of Easter for the Christian community on April 30th, 2019 at Marbella Cave Peshawar where they paid tribute to about 300 people killed in a string of suicide attacks in Sri Lanka. In the true spirit of harmony, two minutes of silence was observed by minorities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to show solidarity to the victims of Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka.


A total of 500 people from Christian community showed up at the gathering including children and octogenarian men and women. As the two minute silence drew to a close, the crowd began to recite prayers. Offered messages of support and paid respects.


On this occasion, the Secretary of Auqaf, Hajj, Religious and Minority Affairs KP Hassan Mehmood Yousafzai paid his respect and tribute to the victims of Sri Lankan bombings and termed it as a horrific incident. He said that the department of Auqaf stands only terrorists can do such a horrific crime of killing people, religions only teach peace and Islam is the epitome of peace. He added that in the spirit of solidarity, we stand with our Christian brothers at this hard moment.


Bishop Evenest Augustin, said that the purpose of today’s program is to prove a point that we Muslims express grief and support to the bereaved Christians of suicide blasts at Sri Lanka and give in a message of peace to the world.

Adding that the department of Auqaf has been involved with interfaith work for quite some time for the purpose that


Bishop Humphrey Sarfaraz, said that it won’t do justice if we show compassion and support only when Muslims die, we have to show concern and solidarity even when people from other communities die because they’re humans and we can feel the pain.


MPA Ranjeet Singh also offered condolences to the victims of Sri Lanka bombing and in this regard he said that the incident is extremely horrific and the fact that Pakistanis specifically people of Peshawar can feel their pain. A video documentary was also played to pay tribute to the victims. Performances

Before wrapping up, a performance (geet) was held by a youth singer then a performance was held to pay tribute to the victims and to show solidarity and to extend felicitations to the Christian community.


          Table No.7: District Wise Detail Summary of Participants of “Eid Qamatul Masih”.


Sr.No. Province No. of Participants
Kohat 31
Swat 1
Swabi 36
Mardan 20
Nowshera 27
Peshawar 170
Tang 3
Govt Officials, Guests, Advisory Committee, Security Officials, Media Officials, Management Team, Production Teams, Volunteers, Performers, Nishtar Hall Security, Vendors, Department Officials 80
Total 368