Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Liaison Corporation is committed to play an active role in supporting and working with its stakeholders for social & sustainable development of Pakistan. With our talented team and national standing as leading consultants of the region, we aim to help drive creation of shared economic and social value across Pakistan.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of LC’s core values and an integral part of the Company’s overall mission. With operations across the country, LC utilizes its scale of operations as strength to positively impact the underprivileged people nationwide especially in the vicinities where LC operates. By integrating CSR into our business strategy, LC is helping to drive shared value amongst its stakeholders and enhance its corporate brand image amongst the general public.


CSR Activities

LC’s CSR activities are focused on three broad themes with the goal of improving the overall socio-economic status in its areas of operation.


  1. Youth Mobilization Under CSR
  2. Employment enhancement through Awareness and Capacity Development
  3. Promoting Education & Extra-Curricular Activities


Youth Mobilization Under CSR

Over the years, youth has been the main beneficiaries of LC that has been engaged through various youth-centered projects. For the effective mobilization of youth, LC has been creative in its approach of engaging them through various means including the youth ambassadorship program, developing youth volunteer force, engaging youth in internships and employment opportunities periodically, promoting youth societies in institutions, organizing youth events periodically, providing exposure opportunities through exchanges among provinces, liaising youth and their respective public offices, social media & web engagements and arranging social awareness for youth.


LC Youth Ambassadorship Program

Through the LC Youth Ambassadorship Program, LC has engaged 100 plus youth ambassadors (male, female) in more than 50 institutions (degree awarding educational institutions) across Pakistan, who are active members of their respective institutes offering services of their fellow youth mobilization whenever needed. Furthermore, the Youth Volunteer Force of LC has more than 1,500 members registered across Pakistan that has been part of the LC in different events/projects.


LC Annual Youth Internship Program

The LC Annual Youth Internship Program is announced every year by Liaison Corporation through its media (web, print, social) for talented and deserving students/ fresh graduates seeking internship for gaining professional experience in the field of Project/ Event Management, Finance, Marketing, HRM and IT for a period of three months. Dozens of young students/graduates have been engaged in this internship program over the past few years. Youth having exceptional/excellent talent and commitment are offered employment opportunities at LC for its different public and private sector projects/ events.


Awareness & Capacity Development

LC frequently conducts Youth awareness sessions throughout the academic/ financial year for the general benefit of youth. Such sessions include awareness on Personal Development, Career Management and Counseling, Public Speaking, CV Writing, Leadership, Communication, Scholarship Opportunities, Health and Hygiene, Civic Education, Young Women Empowerment etc. Through these awareness sessions, thousands of youth members have been benefited till date.


Future Career Market

Promoting Education & Extra-curricular Activities

LC believes that engaging youth in extracurricular activities will expose them to a wide range of new activities such as sports, painting, drama, scouts, art, public speaking, music and singing.

Though these activities may be hobbies for some but many will take them further, turning their hobby into their career. LC is proud to have a long history of sponsoring major youth events, youth organizations and youth projects around different cities of Pakistan. Among our most well-known sponsorships are NUTEC’18 at FAST-NUCES Peshawar, TEDx at IM|Sciences Peshawar, All Pakistan Declamation Contest at KMC Peshawar, CM KP Badminton Championship 2017, Youth Innovative Awards at Swat, Extracurricular Activities at Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad and many more.


LC Volunteers Network Across Pakistan

LC has got more than 1,500 plus trained volunteers across Pakistan who have been engaged with LC in different projects/ events at various timings. We have always engaged energetic youth volunteers for our diverse assignments and offered them a good platform of learning & polishing their skills. We have open opportunities for anyone who wants to volunteer their services for youth community and want to learn the art of various skills required for their respective professional careers. Such opportunities enable them to do something that speaks to their interests and become part of wonderful activities committed to improving the quality of life for youth.