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LC brings a proven track record in delivering results-oriented projects and services in Pakistan, for donors including AusAID, JICA, US Agency for International Development (USAID), UNDP, UNFPA, EU, EU Funding Agencies, Ambassadorial Funds, British Council, Government of Pakistan, as well as educational, research institutions and private businesses etc. Our strong understanding of the Pakistan context comes particularly from the project we implemented for the Government of Pakistan and UN Agencies in Pakistan.

Empowering our clients with specialized solutions…

Policy Advocacy & Strategic Management

Policy advocacy and strategic management is one of our specialized expertise. Our specialist team is capable of bringing solutions through strategic planning, strengthening policy formulation, develop policy papers, and conduct policy dialogues.

Human Capital Development

LC specialize in human resource training need assessments and HR out sourcing. Over programs are aligned agile and empathy full to provide comprehensive talent management approach and address the needs of human capital development.

Program & Project Management

LC applies localized expertise and gold standards to meet, and exceed, deliverables' objectives. Our team excels at orchestrating innovative approaches in project planning, design, project implementation, project elevation and stockholders' management.

Research & Surveys

LC is equipped with modern tools and techniques to address the research needs of clients. LC has extensive experience in data collection, data analysis, surveys, research studies, third party evaluation/validation and data management.

Strategic Communication

LC develops distinctive brand identity and build brand equity through state of the art strategic communication our expertise includes strategic marketing ,marketing management, branding and media management.

Institutional Development

LC contributes to organizational empowerment and institutional development through specialized strategic initiatives that aims to improving the overall structure, processes and capabilities of an institution.

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